I have papers and a thesis due this week. What am I doing right now? Blogging and scouring Apartment Therapy, of course. Since I’m moving to Boston in T-minus 28 days (!!!), I’ve been looking for apartments and design inspiration. Here’s some fun pictures, courtesy of Apartment Therapy, for your viewing pleasure.

I have a secret longing for an iron bedframe.

embroidery hoops + cheap remnants = to-do project!

I just really, really, really love this. Not so good for a rental though…

This looks so luxurious, and a great way to dress up a nook!

Inspiration for a ::clean:: kitchen

From 3 Men & a Lady's blog… LOVE this.

Definitely doing some typographic artwork in the new place!

Adorable office… in a closet!

Now it’s time for some writing… or sleep


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