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“bulk savings, without the bulk”

Glen Daniels*, Monte Agro, Celia Flores, Martha Rettig, Bruce Spang, John Verostek


  • brand loyalists like to get good deals but if another brand is cheaper, you might switch
  • one solution? costco. problem with this? space, perishables, membership fees
  • mfr/retail problems- want to inc. customer loyalty, stop price-shopping, and high costs

    • prepaying – buy it now, get it on your own time frame
    • locked-in price
    • merchant

      • cash in hand
      • loyalty (brand and store?)
      • foot traffic


    • shows you how many coupons left for each deal you’ve bought already
    • suggested deals based on shopping habits
    • pdf coupons
    • graph of savings
    • also a merchant view

      • analytics, current offers

  • next steps

    • get retail advisor, market research
    • build out prototype
    • start with retailers on a local front


    “helping local musicians find more gigs”


    • way for bands to post availability/price for booking
    • also, way for venues/hosts to find bands by name, genre, etc.
    • problem? hard time getting gigs (musicians)
    • solution- connect bands with venues, etc.
    • How to reach/target specific venues?
    • How will people find the site? Paid search listing, social media marketing/social networks, blog publicity


“take control of your online reputation”@hocopost (not yet existing)


  • how are businesses managing their online reputation?
  • aggregate UGC online about their business into one consolidated app
  • that way they can manage their online presence, deal with neg. feedback and engage customers online
  • created algorithm for “hocoscore”– like an online credit score, also dependent on how many people viewing site
  • customizable UI, intuitive, mobile apps
  • dashboard modeled on google analytics system
  • can add more specific networks to monitor (location, industry, etc)
  • ability to click through and respond to any comment



  • “democratizes hiring process by crowd-sourcing qualified candidates on users’ social networks”
  • predicted revenues- $5 mil in 30 years
  • huge predicted in crease in revenue if it goes viral
  • problems this solves- recruiters and job boards are expensive, no hiring guarantee on boards
  • makes company “outsiders” talent scouts themselves
  • automating matching progress between companies and applicants via social networks
  • market- >$420 million spent worldwide on recruiting!
  • beta.referralbon.us


  • starting with a demo- voice-activated demonstration on computer
  • interactive voice communication, more useful way to interact with device
  • goal? platform for marketplace where consumers/devs to interact, produce and consume content
  • cloud-based, open source, multiple-platform support
  • competition- vlingo, siri, tellme… not leveraging developers (self-reliant for content production)
  • dev’s get marketplace, growth and diversification— don’t have to worry about ads, etc.
  • what do consumers pay for? Buy “agents”– like apps, essentially




  • good use of hypothetical anecdote- Jane is an RISD design grad who wants to design tilting flower pots and cat-shaped vacuums
  • getting products made for a startup– how do you do it? Who do you go to?
  • startups- small margin for error; manufacturers don’t know about HER ideas (“abstraction barrier”)
  • business to help small businesses/product designers be matched with the perfect manufacturers
  • “education and discrimination”
  • providing exposure for manufacturers
  • revenue model- information (free), higher quality information (paid)
  • distribution model? not addressing it right now, but could move horizontally into that later




  • COWORKING- getting to work with other people who know things you don’t!
  • using google maps for location, can specify times, what you want people you’re working with to do, space for comments
  • can also search for people wanting to co-work in your area
  • “location-based coworking”
  • good for HR departments- find out where talent is hanging out

(Brief explanation of MassChallenge and AMAZING prizes. Who wants to adopt me into a startup that’s going?! I’ll do the writing for someone’s registration if you bring me along!)




  • Enjoy it!– great advice for startup weekend
  • 1. Ask a ?
  • 2. Post your opinion
  • 3. click “post to twitter” button, and retweet the replies
  • 4. hashtag #vs will show you the results
  • fun voting-based game for twitter
  • tagline- “pound your friends.” Oh boy…

(in between groups… learning about leanstartups.com)

CHIRASHI (working title)

  • mobile and web-based app
  • “check-ins suck”- “meaningless numbers that nevertheless make Newsweek ejaculate”
  • “bring your own location service (twitter, foursquare, etc), subscribe to what you like” via subscription to services you want, things you care about
  • (I’m still a little confused on this, need to hear more!)


  • enabling workers to build and own their own businesses
  • goal “to piss off VC’s as much as possible”
  • reasons “why employers suck”– “bozos make more”
  • cooperative idea of business

    • up-front budgeting
    • transparent bookkeeping
    • small tasks=key (democratizing work)
    • standards presented up-front
    • pay fixed $$ per task
    • encourage mentorship
    • profit by $ contribution
    • concurrence votes

  • basic idea– cooperative VC, employee alternative to O-desk?
  • @RecruiterMoe:


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