Jesus, was that a 90’s reference? That makes me feel so old (as did this post that’s been going viral lately, le sigh).

Anyways, I’ve been doing SO MUCH purging in this move. I shipped 12 boxes when I came out — that’s none with furniture, mind you — and I’m shipping back only 6. Including a typewriter in one, and two down comforters. That shit’s necessary.

Since I’ve been doing all this purging, though, I’ve of course started looking at new furniture for the new place. So far, I have:

  • 2 owls for my desk (totally need those, y’know.)
  • a typewriter
  • a printer, 2 external hd’s, and my lappy (of course)
  • a branch-shaped key holder thing
  • a 20″ monitor that i’ll be using as a TV (scored for free by my parents)
  • a coffeemaker (again, a parental score)
  • an air mattress… and mayyyybe my childhood twin bed (ugh!)
  • a hope chest that will be turned into a chalkboard-topped coffee table (score!)
  • 2 barstools that my parents found for $10 today that i’ll be repainting

So yeah… not so much actual FURNITURE. Lucky for me, Morgan apparently has a magical basement full of fun furniture that I’m going to go shopping in, and there’s a ton of great thrift stores and flea markets in LA. I’ve been thinking of how I want to do my apartment, of course, so I’ve found some piccies for inspiration:

Photo Wall — there’s a big and I believe pretty high wall where i’ll be putting my couch… definitely want to do some sort of photo/frame/print wall.

young house love photo wall

From the awesome kids at Young House Love



Workspace– I need something long enough for me to keep my lappy and my tablet on, at least. And deep enough that finn can sit behind my lappy while I work, needy little thing. I LOVE this mini-office, although it’s a bit cluttered!

Mini office (via pinterest)


Kitchen storage– two options here. There’s a little dining area in the kitchen, but I figure I’ll eat more at the bar or on the couch. So, I’d like to get a little bar cart or a big old buffet where i can store dishes and stuff and use the top for a toaster, coffee maker, etc. Like this gorgeous baby:

Yellow Buffet

Yellow Buffet (via Pinterest)


So there’s a couple things I’ve been checking out for my apartment. If you want to see more, I’ve got a wishlist going on over at Pinterest, a lot of my “if only I could find this” items are there! And if anyone wants to buy me stuff off that list, I’ll love you forever 😉




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