… When you’re busy planning.

I never really bought into that saying. I mean, how could I not plan my life?! But this has never been more clear to me than the last six (!) months that I’ve been back here in Cali.

I planned to live near Internet friends who I thought would be my best real life friends. I planned to work part time in retail and work as a freelance writer. I planned to use the gym at my apartment.

Then life happened… I got majorly betrayed by a “friend” and lost touch with others. I made good new friends. I worked retail… And got fired. I tried to get writing jobs… And ended up starting my own graphic design business instead. Life certainly showed ME who was boss. One of the biggest things I learned last year wasn’t to not plan, but to embrace it when things start to deviate from your plan, as they inevitably will. It might not be a big roadblock, maybe just a minor bump in the road, but if you fight every little deviation from your grandiose plan, every step of the way, you’ll never get anywhere. I’ve learned that, since there really is only so much you can control, it’s hugely important to spend your energies making the best of what IS happening, instead of fighting for what you WANT to be happening.

And that’s my advice for the day. <3