Well hello there, good lookin’!

You’ve probably landed here because you want to know more about LGC and what this crazy brand is all about!

In a nutshell: Lindsay Goldner Creative began in 2011, out of a love for everything design and web-related, and lots of mommy blogger friends who needed websites. Since then, I’ve worked with clients big and small, from local solopreneurs to huge corporations like Shell and Google. My work has accompanied TEDx talks, 2 published books, SXSW panels, Huffington Post, a White House presentation, and in some cases has been shared thousands of times on social media!



10 Fun Facts!

  1. I graduated from UC Berkeley in 2010
  2. I have BA’s in English and American Studies!
  3. I live in LA with my 20-lb cat and officemate, Finn
  4. I have 4 tattoos (so far!)
  5. I’m only 5′ tall
  6. I have a not-so-secret love for musicals
  7. I love hand-lettering and diy projects
  8. I’m a die-hard Cal football fan
  9. I love sushi, burritos, and pretty much any form of carbs
  10. I tap danced for 5 years


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