Liveblogging #swBoston presentations!

Taking notes (and taking names) on the pitches at…


“bulk savings, without the bulk”

Glen Daniels*, Monte Agro, Celia Flores, Martha Rettig, Bruce Spang, John Verostek


  • brand loyalists like to get good deals but if another brand is cheaper, you might switch
  • one solution? costco. problem with this? space, perishables, membership fees
  • mfr/retail problems- want to inc. customer loyalty, stop price-shopping, and high costs

    • prepaying – buy it now, get it on your own time frame
    • locked-in price
    • merchant

      • cash in hand
      • loyalty (brand and store?)
      • foot traffic


    • shows you how many coupons left for each deal you’ve bought already
    • suggested deals based on shopping habits
    • pdf coupons
    • graph of savings
    • also a merchant view

      • analytics, current offers

  • next steps

    • get retail advisor, market research
    • build out prototype
    • start with retailers on a local front

BlogHer, here we come!

In just a couple short (and jam-packed) weeks, my awesome bosslady/partner-in-crime from Shoestring and I will be headed to NYC for my very first conference.

Awesome Boston Startups (part 1)

After almost two months in Boston, I’ve had a front-row seat to the amazing successes of bunch of local startups. Beginning with Startup Weekend Boston, through DartBoston events, networking events, BostInnovation features, and the first two rounds of MassChallenge, watching — and participating in– the evolution of these companies has been inspiring, to say the least. In fact, I’ve definitely been bitten by the startup bug.

Here’s a couple of my favorites:

1. The Swapaholics– You’ve seen my writing for Shoestring Magazine, but did you know that Melissa also launched The Swapaholics, an awesome blend of “retail therapy and recycling,” this year as well? I’ve been working for her and her cofounder, Amy of PunkyStyle, for the last month or so as their marketing & events planning assistant (aka jill of all trades).

Gemvara, shiny pretty things, and being a grownup

If you’ve been out of the loop (read: not on Twitter/Facebook) lately, you might have missed a very important announcement:


It’s a big deal. And I guess I can say now that I’m a big deal too 🙂 Two months out of college and landing a job in another state… not too shabby, eh? Here’s the deets: I’m working for Gemvara, which is a custom jewelry startup.

While you wait…

I’m at BlogHer and it’s a little overwhelming. In the meantime, though, I have a new piece about Facebook (and its decline for Gen Y and Z’ers) up at The Cultivated Word (she of fried pickle fame’s) blog…

BlogHer Babes to Follow!

Well, BlogHer has officially come and gone. To be honest, it was nothing I thought it would be and everything I never expected (how’s that for confusing?) What I mean by that is: I thought I’d spend all day in sessions, and just talk to people at mealtimes and at parties. With the discovery that the sessions were being liveblogged and podcast, though, I gave myself the license to actually go out and meet everyone I’d been talking to (ok, stalking) on Twitter/the blogosphere for weeks, months, and in some cases, years. This post is dedicated to the amazing ladies that I came to know and love in two short days!

First, I want to say that meeting miss Morgan of The818 was by far the best part of my trip. Serendipitously, we discovered that we’d not only grown up in the same area (about 20 minutes away from each other), but that we went to the exact same temple. In a conference of 2500 women, across the country from our home state… so crazy. Here’s the culmination of our brand new lady love on Saturday night-

Lindsay & Morgan

@the818 and @linzlovesyou post-Sparklecorn, pre-Cheeseburgher

read more…

Thankful Thursday

Today has been quite the bizarre day. First, I missed the bus (again) and had to take a taxi to work (again).



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