Moodboard Monday: Rhapsody in Blue

At the risk of sounding like a huge geek – ok who am I kidding, I am am huge geek – I got way too excited last this week when I opened up my mailbox to find a brand new Ikea catalog sitting in there. Unlike the phonebook-sized Restoration Hardware catalogs that no one actually reads, Ikea’s catalogs are constantly full of styling inspiration, great design layouts, and products that I might actually be able to afford. This year’s catalog was no exception, and I was immediately struck by the efforts their team went to styling rooms to appeal to different audiences. Far from the “cheap, diy college kid” look, a lot of their styling came across as super luxe and high end, despite being at super affordable prices (hell yes!), and of course that got my designer brain going.

So today’s moodboard Monday was inspired by the Ikea catalog: all of the product photos are straight from Ikea’s 2018 catalog press release! Way to step it up again, Ikea. (And no, this is not a sponsored post, but if y’all want to pay me for this, you can drop me an email here. Wink wink.) Moodboard: Rhapsody in Blue (Ikea 2018) by Lindsay Goldner Creative

Moodboard Monday: MCM Gets Quirky

In honor of my one year Portland anniversary (!), I’m bringing back the blog and sharing the moodboard of my first Portland-based client.

Client details: Gabrielle and Irena of Artemis Tax, a super sweet duo who contacted me about rebranding their tax business. Their personalities came through immediately in the email and my suspicions were verified after meeting them face-to-face. I knew they weren’t your typical buttoned-up tax company (and you know I’d never be working with a company like that!), so it was a perfect pairing. From our conversations and their answers in the branding workbook, some of the adjectives that came up to describe their brand aesthetic were  “Mid Century Modern,” “Grey Gardens,” “approachable,” “playful” and “Palm Springs retro,” and after our collaborative Pinterest board session and some curating on my end, we ended up with this fun and funky moodboard! Lindsay Goldner Creative: Mid Century Gets Quirky

Moodboard Monday: Pantone Greenery

Last week, Pantone announced their color of the year for 2017. While some of us on the interwebs thought “dumpster fire orange” might be more appropriate, Pantone’s color forecasters (yep, that’s a job!) went with Greenery– “a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew.” This green is fresh and bright, but can go Kermit-looking pretty fast, so I decided to make a moodboard inspired by Greenery that goes in a more refined direction. I was inspired by indie decor stores like Ink & Peat, that place a high value on clean modern design, adding warmth created by metals and greenery, and referring to a distinctly “hipster” vibe.

What do you think, is this year’s color a hit or a swing and a miss?

Pantone Greenery Moodboard - Lindsay Goldner Creative

Moodboard Monday: Plume Dispensary + Salon

As part of my new adventure into designing for the cannabis industry, I decided to create my own “cannabusiness” concept and design a brand around it. Here’s the business overview outlining the concept, and the moodboard I made– the first step in creating a fabulous brand.
What:  Plume, a dispensary and salon/smoke club for lady connoisseurs of cannabis
Who it’s for: Successful and ambitious women who want premium products and an elegant experience in which to relax and socialize
How: Using rose gold metallics and luxurious finishes (like emerald velvet), I want to tap into the traditional “Salon” experience to encourage sincere conversation and relaxation while at the same time being an uplifting and elegant experience and, importantly, distinguishing itself from other dispensaries in a rapidly-growing industry with a bold and unique visual identity.
Plume Dispensary + Salon- Lindsay Goldner

Moodboard Monday / / Cannabis Lotion Rebrand

A while ago, I decided that I wanted to branch out from unconventional small businesses (or maybe just shift focus a little) and start approaching small businesses specifically working in the cannabis space. I love that it’s still largely un-designed, which means so much room for growth and experimentation on a creative and strategic side (yep, watch me geek out.) And as an industry, it’s starting to see a huge emergence of female leaders which is, simply, kickass.

For today’s moodboard, I found a relatively well-known company who provides all-natural healing products using essential oils, GMO-free ingredients, and of course, cannabis. Their current branding, though, reads more more athletic and masculine and generic Eucerin lotion than an all-natural, holistic, and healing. This moodboard creates a visual aesthetic that evokes those feelings of healing and nature — with a bit of a twist to help them stand out in the green-heavy cannabis space — and to provide an example for what might inspire a potential rebrand.

Moodboard Monday- Cannabis Lotion Rebrand  |  Lindsay Goldner Creative

Fuck Yeah Friday // No. 7

It’s been a while since the last installment of FYF, but no time like the present to bring it back. So without further ado, I bring you, FYF #7!

Fuck Yeah Friday 07 | Lindsay Goldner Creative

  1. Did you hear that there are new emoji updates coming? Finally, an avocado emoji! Sadly, though, the peach no longer looks like a butt. These are important things to know.

  3. I’m taking this class on Skillshare right now to work on my ipad art skills and work on my junk food icon set…you should join me! Next up is ipad lettering, so fun!

  5. These desktop downloads from Oh So Beautiful Paper are adorable and available for multiple device sizes. Time to switch out your backgrounds!

  7. People are freaking out about the Starbucks green cup (pre-red cup season) and need to chill ouuuut. Love the message behind this design, and the design itself is pretty fab too.

  9. Speaking of freaking out, it’s still election season! Eternal stress for everyone who cares about the next 50+ years of humanity! I’m currently working on a piece for, and you should check out what other designers have done in the meantime. And you should definitely vote (not for Cheetoh Mussolini).

Moodboard: LGC Brand Refresh

Confession time: I have been a horribly inconsistent with blogging the last few months. Basically, getting settled into a new city is both totally awesome but also involves a ton of work – especially when you have your own business (gotta reregister and all that goodness!) I really can’t complain, though, Portland is treating me pretty dang well so far.

All that said, I’m (attempting to) get to blogging and sending out newsletters more regularly, starting with today’s moodboard! I’ve been working at giving my own site a bit of a facelift – if you know anything about designers, you know we’re never 100% happy with our own sites! – and I found myself feeling a bit in need of direction and some a reminder of where I was taking the project. So I went back to the beginning, where I would start with any branding client: I created an updated moodboard for my own brand!

The themes of this moodboard are: kelly green (of course) with a pop of bright blue to be playful, minimal + modern, and most importantly give you that “oh shit yes!” feeling.

Moodboard Monday: Lindsay Goldner Creative Brand Refresh

Moodboard: Oh So Boho Living Room Makeover

If you’re following along on the interwebs outside this blog, you know that I just made an amazing (and totally terrifying move up) to Portland, OR! I’ll be posting more about my adventures in my new home, but for now I wanted to share a moodboard that I made for my living room since I’m finally getting to decorate without ugly apartment carpeting or weird layouts! Hooray! The overall vibe for my living room/desk area is a modern bohemian look, trying to keep things light and airy but still playful and with super vibrant pops of color.Boho Living Room Moodboard by Lindsay Goldner

Moodboard Monday: Pretty in Pink + MCM

This week’s pretty in pink + mid century modern moodboard was inspired by the image on the left, a photo series by the talented Sarah Illenberger. I of course went straight to Palm Springs architecture (see bottom right) and the rest evolved from there!

Pretty in Pink + MCM Moodboard | Lindsay Goldner

Moodboard Monday: ByRegina’s Zero to Coaching Course

Happy Monday! I thought it would be a good idea to start the week with a colorful and cheerful moodboard. This week’s moodboard is one that I created for a course branding project – ByRegina’s Zero to Coaching Business course. She wanted a brand that would appear accessible yet high end, knowledgeable and authoritative but still reflective of her outgoing business personality. I’ll reveal the entire brand soon, but here’s the moodboard to give you a taste of where we headed!

Zero to Coaching Moodboard | Lindsay Goldner




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