Moodboard Monday: Pantone Greenery

Last week, Pantone announced their color of the year for 2017. While some of us on the interwebs thought “dumpster fire orange” might be more appropriate, Pantone’s color forecasters (yep, that’s a job!) went with Greenery– “a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew.” This green is fresh and bright, but can go Kermit-looking pretty fast, so I decided to make a moodboard inspired by Greenery that goes in a more refined direction. I was inspired by indie decor stores like Ink & Peat, that place a high value on clean modern design, adding warmth created by metals and greenery, and referring to a distinctly “hipster” vibe.

What do you think, is this year’s color a hit or a swing and a miss?

Pantone Greenery Moodboard - Lindsay Goldner Creative

Moodboard Monday: Plume Dispensary + Salon

As part of my new adventure into designing for the cannabis industry, I decided to create my own “cannabusiness” concept and design a brand around it. Here’s the business overview outlining the concept, and the moodboard I made– the first step in creating a fabulous brand.
What:  Plume, a dispensary and salon/smoke club for lady connoisseurs of cannabis
Who it’s for: Successful and ambitious women who want premium products and an elegant experience in which to relax and socialize
How: Using rose gold metallics and luxurious finishes (like emerald velvet), I want to tap into the traditional “Salon” experience to encourage sincere conversation and relaxation while at the same time being an uplifting and elegant experience and, importantly, distinguishing itself from other dispensaries in a rapidly-growing industry with a bold and unique visual identity.
Plume Dispensary + Salon- Lindsay Goldner

Liveblogging #swBoston presentations!

Taking notes (and taking names) on the pitches at…


“bulk savings, without the bulk”

Glen Daniels*, Monte Agro, Celia Flores, Martha Rettig, Bruce Spang, John Verostek


  • brand loyalists like to get good deals but if another brand is cheaper, you might switch
  • one solution? costco. problem with this? space, perishables, membership fees
  • mfr/retail problems- want to inc. customer loyalty, stop price-shopping, and high costs

    • prepaying – buy it now, get it on your own time frame
    • locked-in price
    • merchant

      • cash in hand
      • loyalty (brand and store?)
      • foot traffic


    • shows you how many coupons left for each deal you’ve bought already
    • suggested deals based on shopping habits
    • pdf coupons
    • graph of savings
    • also a merchant view

      • analytics, current offers

  • next steps

    • get retail advisor, market research
    • build out prototype
    • start with retailers on a local front

BlogHer, here we come!

In just a couple short (and jam-packed) weeks, my awesome bosslady/partner-in-crime from Shoestring and I will be headed to NYC for my very first conference.

Awesome Boston Startups (part 1)

After almost two months in Boston, I’ve had a front-row seat to the amazing successes of bunch of local startups. Beginning with Startup Weekend Boston, through DartBoston events, networking events, BostInnovation features, and the first two rounds of MassChallenge, watching — and participating in– the evolution of these companies has been inspiring, to say the least. In fact, I’ve definitely been bitten by the startup bug.

Here’s a couple of my favorites:

1. The Swapaholics– You’ve seen my writing for Shoestring Magazine, but did you know that Melissa also launched The Swapaholics, an awesome blend of “retail therapy and recycling,” this year as well? I’ve been working for her and her cofounder, Amy of PunkyStyle, for the last month or so as their marketing & events planning assistant (aka jill of all trades).

Gemvara, shiny pretty things, and being a grownup

If you’ve been out of the loop (read: not on Twitter/Facebook) lately, you might have missed a very important announcement:


It’s a big deal. And I guess I can say now that I’m a big deal too 🙂 Two months out of college and landing a job in another state… not too shabby, eh? Here’s the deets: I’m working for Gemvara, which is a custom jewelry startup.

While you wait…

I’m at BlogHer and it’s a little overwhelming. In the meantime, though, I have a new piece about Facebook (and its decline for Gen Y and Z’ers) up at The Cultivated Word (she of fried pickle fame’s) blog…



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