Moodboard Monday: Elegance in Black and White

This week’s moodboard explores the elegance and complexity that can be found in the most minimal color combinations: black and white. I love how the interplay of patterns, textures and shades create a feel of luxury, richness, and simplicity while also being incredibly modern and chic!

Elegance in Black & White Moodboard |  Lindsay Goldner

Moodboard Monday: Luxe Meets Sass

This moodboard was just too fun not to share! Recently, the uber-talented Ms. Ash Ambirge of The Middle Finger Project fame announced that she was looking for some fresh new design talent to join her team. Of course I had to jump on the opportunity, and spruced up my application with a moodboard for Ash showing her where her brand could be headed – a combination of luxurious textures (all about that boss experience, honey!) with copper and velvet to add depth and richness, combined with funky and fresh icons to reinforce the playfulness and “I don’t give a fuckery” of her brand.

Luxe Meets Sass Moodboard - Lindsay Goldner for The Middle Finger Project


Fuck Yeah Friday 6 – Lindsay Goldner Creative

Hey hey hey, happy 2016! It’s been some time since my last post, so to give you a quick rundown of the last couple months: I launched Pop Fizz Sparkle, launched the first line of pop fizz holiday cards (!), got super crazy sick, went to Portland, went to San Francisco, temped for an ad agency, designed a couple brands, and even took a couple days off for the holidays, for the first time since college! 

Crazy times, right? So that basically rounds out the rest of 2015. I’ll spare you the “year in review” junk AND the 2016 goals for right now and get right to the good stuff today…

1. Tax time isn’t thaaat far away. Freelancer’s Union has a great list of deductions for freelancers. Get that money back, y’all!

2. These color palettes remind me of sunsets over the beach, peaches, and happiness. But really, they’re lovely.

3. Pizza Hut has an entire line of pizza-themed swag. Not gonna lie, I kind of love those yoga pants.

4. This rainbow sculpture is made of 60 MILES of thread. MILES, y’all. Can you imagine that kind of dedication to your craft?

5. Thinking about a website facelift? Don’t forget about who’s going to be seeing it!

Happy Friday, everyone!

Moodboard Monday: 90’s Pop Culture Nostalgia

I’ve been having way too much fun the past few days brainstorming and designing the holiday cards for pop fizz sparkle‘s 2015 holiday line! Even though I didn’t make an official moodboard for this, I pulled together some of my inspiration images (I keep them around my Illustrator artboard while I work). I’m pretty sure that if you’re a child of the 90’s/early 2000’s, you’ll really enjoy this one…

Moodboard Monday: 90's Pop Culture Nostalgia | Lindsay Goldner Creative



Wooo, back in the game! I know, it’s been a while – what with a fun solo trip to Oregon (my first real solo trip ever!), a birthday, and a shop launch – not to mention some big client projects in the works, life has been go go go! Also, to be completely honest? I’ve been a little stumped lately on how to write meaningful posts that help you in some way, but that also haven’t been done 10 ways til Sunday by all of the amazing other bloggers out there. It’s an ongoing challenge, though it seems like I’m not the only one out there facing the same one. So while I work on writing my own awesome + meaningful posts, here’s another fuck yeah Friday roundup to tide you over with some inspiration for your weekend!


Fuck Yeah, Friday | Lindsay Goldner Creative


1. (shameless self promo) – Pop Fizz Sparkle is OFFICIALLY OPEN FOR BUSINESS! Go! Shop! Enjoy!

2. 10 end of the year blog posts from XO Sarah (totally snagging these now!)

3.  Elizabeth Gilbert has a podcast. Go. Listen. Now. Seriously, Big Magic has been life-changing thus far.

4. I am ALL ABOUT this magazine cover from the Washington Post. Who wants to recreate it? Seriously. So fun.

5. This is fab- the literal meanings of idioms, illustrated.

6. Early Xmas gift alert! Sign the lady in your life up for The Firework Box– a new monthly sub box from some amazing peeps.

What’s new in your world(s) lately, everyone? Any new launches for you? I’m still recovering from mine and prepping new stuff for the holidays, woohoo!



Behind the Screens: Top Tools That I Use As a Biz Owner

When I first started playing around with design, those CD-ROM’s full of clip art images were the shit. (If you grew up in the late 90’s, you know exactly what I’m talking about.) Things got really crazy once I discovered Microsoft Publisher how to install free fonts on my parents’ computer and for a while I was the reigning queen of designing babysitting ads and pet-walking flyers.

Software has come a long way in the last decade since then, thankfully, and now as a business owners we have tons of amazing tools and programs at our fingertips. The sheer number of options can get a little overwhelming – frankly, I’m ready for a JARVISstyle program a la Iron Man to do it all for me – but in the meantime, I’ve come up with a list of what I use on a regular basis to help you narrow down your options a bit! I’m not going to list all of the alternative options in this post (keep an eye out for that, though) – today is just the ones that I’ve found to be my tried-and-true ones.

The top 20 tools I use as a solopreneur - Lindsay Goldner Creative

1. Design

This is obviously where I spend a good amount of time and money on software and tools. Here’s the breakdown of my most often-used ones:

ILLUSTRATOR: AI (Adobe Illustrator) is my go-to program for design. It’s vector-based, which means designs can be scaled as big as you want without getting pixelated (unlike Photoshop, which is raster-based). I use it for branding, social media graphics, blog graphics, single page worksheets, icon design, and digitizing hand lettering, to name a few.

INDESIGN: this is where I head if I have to create anything that’s more than a page long while still making it look gorgeous. That includes fillable PDF’s/workbooks, worksheets, presentations (yup, just save it as a PDF!), ebooks, contracts, and proposals.

PHOTOSHOP: the workhorse of the Adobe programs, in my opinion. There’s always more to learn about working in PS. I use it primarily for light photo editing (I don’t love photo editing), batch editing (like cropping or watermarking photos), and making GIFS!

SKETCHI’ve been using Sketch to work on wireframing and web design and so far I’m really liking it. The shortcuts and layouts are different from the Adobe software so there’s a learning curve, but it’s really a great tool to have in your arsenal if you find yourself doing lots of web or app design.


2. Task + Project Management

TRELLO is currently my favorite project management software. Read more about why I love Trello here – in short, it’s free, unlimited number of projects and users, I can upload images, color code things, and it’s wonderfully visual.

TODOIST is my favorite to-do list. It’s super minimal (though the premium version has some nice features, like labeling) and it’s perfect for brain dumping all of those random to-do items that aren’t necessarily things that you’d file away under project management software.


3. Scheduling

CALENDLY: I use Calendly to book any and all client-facing meetings and Skype dates. My favorite thing about Calendly is that it allows me to create multiple events, each with different time frames (ie, an event can be scheduled during certain time frames on certain days) and I can link people to book specific events – 30 minute coffee dates, hour-long branding audits, you name it. Oh, and it integrates with Google calendar so on days where I have appointments or events scheduled already, it shows me as unavailable. Perfecto!

SUNRISE: Hands down my favorite calendar app. Sunrise integrates with Google calendar (so it pulls in all of my Calendly appointments) and with Trello (so it shows when all of my deadlines are). Plus, it’s pretty and I can use it on my laptop and my phone. Boom!


4. Productivity

I could use 30 productivity tools and still need more, but here are my favorite few.

NEWS FEED ERADICATOR: this Chrome extension hides your main Facebook feed completely. It makes me a little twitchy sometimes – that damn FOMO – but it’s a great way of preventing myself from spending ages scrolling through my feed.

SELF CONTROL: this is a goodie. It’s free, the idea is that you set it to block all sites that you tell it to block for however long you want. The catch is that you can’t access those sites again until either time runs out or you restart your computer.


5. Communication

MAILPLANE: I only use this on my desktop (I have Mailbox on my phone) but I’m definitely liking it. The selling factors for me were that it’s basically the normal Gmail web interface BUT you can easily have multiple accounts up at once and you just flip between tabs. SO useful if you have multiple email accounts.

SLACK: I’ve started using Slack for communication with some of my long term clients to cut down on the number of emails back and forth. Basically, it’s a dedicated chat room where we can have conversations (to replace the emails) and share files, and it’s all contained in one spot. So handy! I also use this with a couple mastermind groups to brainstorm and chat.

MAILCHIMP: these guys are tried and true, and there’s really nothing more fun than seeing that hairy monkey animation when you hit “schedule” or “send” on a newsletter, amirite?


6. Social 

I keep it pretty old school here, using the Instagram app, the FB website, and Pinterest app. 

HOOTSUITE is the one 3rd party social app I do use, especially for scheduling Tweets, but even then I’m much more into using Twitter for real-time conversations.


7. Finances

MINT recently replaced Wave for me for categorizing expenses, and I’m (attempting) to do things like budgeting and goal-setting in there too. Because it pulls transactions from multiple accounts, I have very few paper receipts that I ever have to deal with. Hooray!


8. Web Stuff

Like how descriptive that category is? Yeah.

CHROME is my bae. I love Chrome. Plus I have Chrome extensions like Evernote, Adblock Plus, What the Font (very handy), Full Page Screen Capture (for screenshots of entire web pages) and Chromecast to make it even more powerful.

FILEZILLA (FTP)I highly recommend this for any of my designer or web-savvy biz friends if you need to be able to directly upload files to your web server. No frills, easy to get the hang of.

WORDPRESS + DIVI: Yup, this baby is built 100% on WordPress with the help of the Divi theme/framework (they call it a theme, I think of it more as a framework. Potato/potato.) Anyways, Divi has a lot of options so I wouldn’t recommend it for an absolute novice or technophobe, but if you’re already familiar with WordPress and are willing to poke around and follow tutorials? It’s definitely worth a shot. I’ve also been using Layers to build my shop, which is a slightly different variation on the same idea of a “visual” theme creator. Both are super flexible and made for WordPress.

PRODUCTHUNTOk, so it’s not software itself, but it’s worth mention. Producthunt is basically user-submitted leaderboards of amazing apps, resources, and websites for tech geeks and entrepreneurs. I’ve found some great apps + fun websites through there (and my Ultimate E-course Toolkit was even featured on there!)


9. Ass-Covering

BACKBLAZE: Do you have Backblaze (or a similar cloud-based automatic backup of your harddrive)? If not, get thee over to Backblaze and subscribe. Seriously. I’ve lost seen the aftermath of harddrive failures, I’ve had to replace computers without having a backup…it’s not pretty. Backblaze automatically syncs any and all updated files from your computer straight to your cloud-based account when you’re connected to the internet, no work required. Downloading backup files is easy to do, too. Trust me on this one.


So that’s my top 20 tools + programs that I use just about daily. I’ve come across this combination after testing out a lot of different apps and programs, and these are the ones that I absolutely rely on day in and day out…but I’d really love to know which ones you use? What else do I need to check out?



Inspired by: Pantone Fall 2015

Lately, I’ve been feeling the fall love – sweaters and boots, apple pie, reading by the fire. I’m definitely wishing for fall to hit us here in LA, as we’re anticipating yet another heatwave this week. This (wishful thinking) moodboard was inspired by those warm and cozy fall feelings, and some of the colors from Pantone’s forecast for Fall 2015.

Inspired by Pantone Fall 2015 Moodboard – via Lindsay Goldner Creative

Burnett’s Boards //  Pendleton  //  Who What Wear  //  Free People  //  Juju Papers  //  Elizabeth Anne Designs

On Battling Overwhelm + Handling Biz

Let’s get real. Feeling overwhelmed and like your to-do list is ten miles long sucks big time. It sucks even more when you’ve got a business to run, deadlines to meet, and clients to manage (never mind trying to have a life). Add that to the isolation that can happen when you’re working from home every day and you’ve got the perfect emotional storm starting to brew.

Here’s the good news: it doesn’t have to get to that point! Sure, you’ll still have moments where you may feel like you’re barely treading water (you’re not the only one) but there are a few things that you can do to keep yourself from throwing in the towel or eating an entire pint of ice cream (again, you’re not the only one) and to help you get back to a place of productivity and business ass-kicking.

5 Ways to Battle Overwhelm and Take Care of Business! via Lindsay Goldner Creative

1. GTFO!

Now, I don’t mean to literally gtfo of your biz. Rather, I mean that the first step to fighting overwhelm is to get out of your head, your office/apartment, and most importantly, get OFFLINE. Getting out of the house and away from a screen can make an immediate difference, even if you’re ready to throw in the towel by the time you finally take a break. It’s easy to want to “just power through” it or start mentally spinning in circles worrying about every little thing. But forcing yourself to physically change locations (ok, and put on makeup and heaven forbid, a bra) creates a mental and physical separation from your work for a bit and helps you take things down a few notches. Bonus points if you can get a little exercise in the process, but don’t beat yourself up if the best you can do is go to 7-11 for a Diet Coke. It still gets you away from your work for a bit, and that’s the key.


2. Say no. Then do it again.

One of the key reasons I’ve found for a crazy amount overwhelm is that I feel like I have to do all of the things. Literally, it’s that heart-racing, omg-my-to-do-list-is-a-mile-long feeling. Know what doesn’t help that feeling? Taking on MORE responsibilities. For me, I have trouble saying no to small projects and friend favors. No one wants to be perceived as a jerk – but you won’t be able to help anyone if you totally lose it because of saying yes to everything. Read this article on saying “fuck yes” – I’ve tried to make “fuck yes or fuck no” my decision-making mantra. Does a new collaboration or project make you say fuck yes? Then do it! If not, it’s a fuck no and keep it off of your to-do list.


3. Take note of your triggers.

What immediately sends you into stress/anxiety/overwhelm mode? There’s a difference between regular stress or nervousness and that full-on “oh man I don’t know if I can do this” overwhelm. Think about what makes you feel the latter. It could be something like getting tons of emails from a client, or feeling like you’re trying to juggle too many projects. Maybe it’s not even business-related; you might get to that point of overwhelm because you’re stressed about how much housework you have to do, or because your kids won’t let you work in peace. Whatever those triggers for overwhelm mode are, write them out and then take a close look at the most painful/stressful couple of things. Is there someone you can outsource these to, like a VA? Maybe you can do a trade with a friend for childcare a day or two a week so that you can work quietly. Maybe you need to work with less clients (but with higher budgets) and change things up a little in your business model so that you can work smarter and not harder. Also, just being aware of the specific things/situations that really send you spiraling into anxiety mode can help you keep an eye out for them and avoid them in the future.


4. Get a support group

This has been one of the best ways for me to combat all those crazy moments in business ownership. Whether it’s a facebook group, a Slack group of your favorite business owners, or even just a couple local entrepreneurs that you’ve found from a networking event, it’s key to have other people who’ve been there to talk to. They get it. They’ve gone through it too. And best of all, they probably have some really good advice to offer you from their own experiences. Even if you’re in different industries, so many of these struggles are universal for business owners, so don’t be afraid to reach out!


5. Do one small thing. Then move on to the next.

Stop trying to multitask! Having multiple screens and six zillion browser tabs is a huge source of anxiety! Add on to that the 20 different ways people can get ahold of you and it’s overwhelm waiting to happen. Instead, close everything down, take out a pen and a good old fashioned piece of paper, and dump everything out of your brain. Seriously, it’s like brain vomit…just get it allll out. This is one of my favorite techniques (learned from this awesome skillshare class). He covers more in depth how to organize these “open loops,” but I like to just write everything out, highlight the top couple of must-do’s, and then tackle them one at a time. The one at a time part is the key— you get to cross shit off your list and by focusing on just one small task, it makes it feel so much less overwhelming than the feelings of “omg I have to do all of the things!” Trust me, I’ve been there.

Hopefully, this will help you keep back from that scary precipice of overwhelm next time things start getting crazy. You don’t have to apply them all – try one or two and see if they help! And when in doubt? Underwear dance parties to 90’s pop hits and corny movies are always a good solution. Or just shoot me an email and we’ll chat…you’re not alone in this!

Recent Work: Collaboration with White Apron Chef

I’m so excited to finally share this project! My friend Brigitte is the leading lady at White Apron Chef, where she’s a personal chef and has a school to train personal chefs on how to run their businesses. We’d decided earlier this summer to do a collaboration marrying design and Bigitte’s tasty as hell recipes, because who doesn’t love deliciously-designed goodies? The theme of this project was simple summer salads that take advantage of seasonal produce and are anything but your traditional green salad, and the goal was to make something that was shareable (because B’s recipes are fabulous!) and also looked amazing.

It was also a challenge: most recipes and food blogs rely heavily on photography to make the recipes look exciting and delicious. Since we didn’t have photography to work with this time around, I instead created a series of fun line icons and coordinating patterns showing off the ingredients we used in each recipe. Plus, these icons were so fun that I’m going to be using some of them on products when the new shop launches next week (eggplant mug, anyone?)

Here’s one of the recipes – I can’t wait to make this one!

Summer salad recipes PDF // Lindsay Goldner Creative + White Apron Chef


Here’s what one of the prints looks like in action:

Summer salad recipes PDF // Lindsay Goldner Creative + White Apron Chef


Super fun, right? And even better, the recipes are all available as a free download –

Click here to download the summer recipe PDF!



We’ve made it to another Friday, which means it’s time yet again for fuck yeah, Friday! This week, tons of tips and tricks from SEO to blogging to knocking your email list out of the park…

Fuck Yeah, Friday! // Lindsay Goldner Creative

1. This post from Femtrepreneur on email list building has so much great wisdom, I want to print it out and frame it and kiss it. Or something less creepy, like bookmark it.

2. Little Farm Media is dropping some great tips for how to boost your SEO in time for the holidays.

3. If you’re like me, inbox zero is some mythical state of being. 99u agrees and has a better idea for handling email overload!

4. Confidence is key in business (and life!) and as always, Ash Ambirge lays down the law on how to seem confident, even if you’re not!

5. ByRegina knocks it out of the park again with 20 tips to up your pro blogging game!

What’s on your reading list this weekend?






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