Fuck Yeah Friday // No. 7

It’s been a while since the last installment of FYF, but no time like the present to bring it back. So without further ado, I bring you, FYF #7!

Fuck Yeah Friday 07 | Lindsay Goldner Creative

  1. Did you hear that there are new emoji updates coming? Finally, an avocado emoji! Sadly, though, the peach no longer looks like a butt. These are important things to know.

  3. I’m taking this class on Skillshare right now to work on my ipad art skills and work on my junk food icon set…you should join me! Next up is ipad lettering, so fun!

  5. These desktop downloads from Oh So Beautiful Paper are adorable and available for multiple device sizes. Time to switch out your backgrounds!

  7. People are freaking out about the Starbucks green cup (pre-red cup season) and need to chill ouuuut. Love the message behind this design, and the design itself is pretty fab too.

  9. Speaking of freaking out, it’s still election season! Eternal stress for everyone who cares about the next 50+ years of humanity! I’m currently working on a piece for govote.org, and you should check out what other designers have done in the meantime. And you should definitely vote (not for Cheetoh Mussolini).


Fuck Yeah Friday 6 – Lindsay Goldner Creative

Hey hey hey, happy 2016! It’s been some time since my last post, so to give you a quick rundown of the last couple months: I launched Pop Fizz Sparkle, launched the first line of pop fizz holiday cards (!), got super crazy sick, went to Portland, went to San Francisco, temped for an ad agency, designed a couple brands, and even took a couple days off for the holidays, for the first time since college! 

Crazy times, right? So that basically rounds out the rest of 2015. I’ll spare you the “year in review” junk AND the 2016 goals for right now and get right to the good stuff today…

1. Tax time isn’t thaaat far away. Freelancer’s Union has a great list of deductions for freelancers. Get that money back, y’all!

2. These color palettes remind me of sunsets over the beach, peaches, and happiness. But really, they’re lovely.

3. Pizza Hut has an entire line of pizza-themed swag. Not gonna lie, I kind of love those yoga pants.

4. This rainbow sculpture is made of 60 MILES of thread. MILES, y’all. Can you imagine that kind of dedication to your craft?

5. Thinking about a website facelift? Don’t forget about who’s going to be seeing it!

Happy Friday, everyone!


Wooo, back in the game! I know, it’s been a while – what with a fun solo trip to Oregon (my first real solo trip ever!), a birthday, and a shop launch – not to mention some big client projects in the works, life has been go go go! Also, to be completely honest? I’ve been a little stumped lately on how to write meaningful posts that help you in some way, but that also haven’t been done 10 ways til Sunday by all of the amazing other bloggers out there. It’s an ongoing challenge, though it seems like I’m not the only one out there facing the same one. So while I work on writing my own awesome + meaningful posts, here’s another fuck yeah Friday roundup to tide you over with some inspiration for your weekend!


Fuck Yeah, Friday | Lindsay Goldner Creative


1. (shameless self promo) – Pop Fizz Sparkle is OFFICIALLY OPEN FOR BUSINESS! Go! Shop! Enjoy!

2. 10 end of the year blog posts from XO Sarah (totally snagging these now!)

3.  Elizabeth Gilbert has a podcast. Go. Listen. Now. Seriously, Big Magic has been life-changing thus far.

4. I am ALL ABOUT this magazine cover from the Washington Post. Who wants to recreate it? Seriously. So fun.

5. This is fab- the literal meanings of idioms, illustrated.

6. Early Xmas gift alert! Sign the lady in your life up for The Firework Box– a new monthly sub box from some amazing peeps.

What’s new in your world(s) lately, everyone? Any new launches for you? I’m still recovering from mine and prepping new stuff for the holidays, woohoo!




We’ve made it to another Friday, which means it’s time yet again for fuck yeah, Friday! This week, tons of tips and tricks from SEO to blogging to knocking your email list out of the park…

Fuck Yeah, Friday! // Lindsay Goldner Creative

1. This post from Femtrepreneur on email list building has so much great wisdom, I want to print it out and frame it and kiss it. Or something less creepy, like bookmark it.

2. Little Farm Media is dropping some great tips for how to boost your SEO in time for the holidays.

3. If you’re like me, inbox zero is some mythical state of being. 99u agrees and has a better idea for handling email overload!

4. Confidence is key in business (and life!) and as always, Ash Ambirge lays down the law on how to seem confident, even if you’re not!

5. ByRegina knocks it out of the park again with 20 tips to up your pro blogging game!

What’s on your reading list this weekend?




3 weeks in a row for a series! This is totally a record for me, so count that as yet another reason to say FUCK YEAH, FRIDAY! Without further ado…

Fuck yeah, Friday! No. 3 // Lindsay Goldner

  1. Jet is being called the new combination of Amazon + Costco, and they’re offering free 3-month trials. Idk about you, but that sounds pretty rocking to me.
  2. These toolboxes from Oh So Beautiful Paper are all sorts of fun. Every designer needs a toolbox for their pretty pens and stuff, right? #bizexpense
  3. Paying taxes sucks, but this guide from the Freelancers Union might take some of the sting out of doing them quarterly!
  4. Crappy clients can suck the life out of you. The always-fabulous Marie Poulin talks about why getting good clients (and only good clients!) is a must do.
  5. No niche? Fizzle talks about why this is a good thing (and I’ve got to agree!)
  6. The Blogging Brew covers group pinterest boards, and how they can help you grow your biz. Love that advice!


Seen more new + noteworthy links this week? Leave em in the comments below!

Fuck Yeah, Friday // No. 2

Woo, another Fuck Yeah Friday! This week has been full of business ups and personal downs (weird first date, anyone?) but as always, there’ve been lots of interesting posts in the blogosphere!

Fuck Yeah Friday 02 | Lindsay Goldner

  1. An oldie but a goodie from yours truly: branding advice inspired by online dating. Trust me, you’ll learn a lot!
  2. Great example of when design meets a real life need– texting when you miss a birth control pill!
  3. I pretty much want all of these art prints.
  4. Who says home offices have to be boring?
  5. Nobody likes a copycat. How to develop your own unique blogging voice from the Nectar Collective!
  6. By Regina is awesome. Here’s her great take on a creative action plan (aka a business plan that sucks less).


That’s all for today! What’s on your reading list for this weekend, anything juicy?


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