Moodboard Monday: Pantone Greenery

Last week, Pantone announced their color of the year for 2017. While some of us on the interwebs thought “dumpster fire orange” might be more appropriate, Pantone’s color forecasters (yep, that’s a job!) went with Greenery– “a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew.” This green is fresh and bright, but can go Kermit-looking pretty fast, so I decided to make a moodboard inspired by Greenery that goes in a more refined direction. I was inspired by indie decor stores like Ink & Peat, that place a high value on clean modern design, adding warmth created by metals and greenery, and referring to a distinctly “hipster” vibe.

What do you think, is this year’s color a hit or a swing and a miss?

Pantone Greenery Moodboard - Lindsay Goldner Creative

Moodboard Monday: Plume Dispensary + Salon

As part of my new adventure into designing for the cannabis industry, I decided to create my own “cannabusiness” concept and design a brand around it. Here’s the business overview outlining the concept, and the moodboard I made– the first step in creating a fabulous brand.
What:  Plume, a dispensary and salon/smoke club for lady connoisseurs of cannabis
Who it’s for: Successful and ambitious women who want premium products and an elegant experience in which to relax and socialize
How: Using rose gold metallics and luxurious finishes (like emerald velvet), I want to tap into the traditional “Salon” experience to encourage sincere conversation and relaxation while at the same time being an uplifting and elegant experience and, importantly, distinguishing itself from other dispensaries in a rapidly-growing industry with a bold and unique visual identity.
Plume Dispensary + Salon- Lindsay Goldner

Moodboard + A Free Genesis Template!

All sorts of new and exciting things have been cooking up around here lately. Although, speaking of cooking, I should note that I had a particularly epic Pinterest fail a couple of nights ago when I attempted 2 ingredient pancakes. Yeah, #nailedit. Luckily, I’d like to think that my design skills far surpass my cooking skills (or epic lack thereof) and I’ve been working on some great projects the past couple of weeks!

Here’s a look at the moodboard for a fun branding & blog design project that’s in the works:

ACE Moodboard by Lindsay Goldner Creative
I’ve also been designing a blog using the Genesis template and decided to make myself a handy dandy PSD template with some equally handy dandy guidelines to make setting up designs with the basic theme easier. And because I’m (ha!), I’m sharing it with you as a free download. The PSD is pretty barebones- I just took 3 screenshots from the demo page of the header/sidebar, a post, and the footer and created guides marking off the major elements (headers, margins, content areas, etc.). Obviously, you can change the look, arrangement, and sizes of everything via CSS but hopefully this will make the basic workflow faster and easier! If there’s anything major or super helpful that I’ve left out, please let me know. Just click on the image below for the PSD download.

Genesis PSD template freebie via Linz Loves You

 And if you do decide to download and use this, I’d love a share or shoutout on social media! It’s good karma 😉


Project: Nice Notes for Amber McCue

The past 6 months, I worked with Amber McCue doing her Freshly Implemented program, an amaaazing combination of mastermind group, mentoring/coaching, and crazy good community. When B-School rolled around the corner, Amber said that she was going to be an affiliate for the program. As her sign-up bonus, Amber wanted to offer her version of B-School “Cliff’s Notes.” Using that as a starting point, we worked together to create a branded campaign around the theme “Back to B-School” for her affiliate signups. For the proposal, I created a moodboard inspired by vintage schoolrooms. From there, I created Facebook covers and graphics using Amber’s photos and copy, and created a mini brand for her Nice Notes collateral, inspired by No. 2 pencils!

Nice Notes by Lindsay Goldner

Nice Notes by Lindsay Goldner

Nice Notes by Lindsay Goldner

Nice Notes by Lindsay Goldner

Nice Notes by Lindsay Goldner

Magnificent Moodboards!

First off, apologies to the rest of the country but OMG IT’S HOT HERE. We’re having a heat wave this week and hooo boy no air conditioning in the new place!

Speaking of the new place, the move is done and I’m in the dreaded unpacking stage. I have a lot of walls to decorate, so I’m searching for great artwork (not to mention some creative kitchen storage solutions). Pictures to come once it’s not box city!

On the design front, I’ve been working on some super fun projects with (as always) great clients. Here are a couple moodboards that I’ve made for people recently… bright colors are BIG right now!

Rock Steady Strategy moodboard by Lindsay Goldner Creative

Making a House a Home moodboard by Lindsay Goldner Creative

Moodboard: Feminine Pastels

Going all out with the pretties for Moodboard Monday this week. I was inspired by pretty pastels and feminine, swoosh-filled scripts to make this week’s board!

Pastel & Feminine Moodboard via Lindsay Goldner

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