How much does a (logo, website, infographic, etc.) cost?

Each project is priced individually! Because I get to know your individual wants and needs before giving you a price, I’m able to give you a much more accurate estimate, tailored specifically to your project.

Shoot me an email with some details about your project and we’ll get that estimate going!

How long does a (logo, website, infographic, etc.) take to complete?

Just like with pricing, timelines are tailored to each individual project. Timelines often need to account for other aspects of the project, like photoshoots or copy, so it’s important that I know roughly what we’d be doing in order to give you the best possible estimate for turnaround time. In general, though, here are some rough turnaround times:

  • Branding: 4-6 weeks
  • Web design: 9-11 weeks
  • Infographics: 2-3 weeks

Again, each project is different so email me and we’ll chat about your project!

How does payment work?

I accept payment via Paypal, check, or in rare cases, Dwolla or ABA bank transfer. Stripe is in the works, too!

A typical project schedule goes like this:

50% deposit to reserve your spot + book the project
30% due when the main stage (ie logo or web design) has been approved
20% final payment due before all of your final files are delivered or your website goes live

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me and we’ll chat about your project!

What do I get?

Just email me and we’ll chat about your project!



Once you contact me with some basics about your project, we’ll jump on Skype/the phone for a 30-minute virtual coffee date. Talking will give us a chance to make sure it’s a great fit (for both of us!) and will help me get more details about how we can work together. If everything sounds good to go, I’ll put together a proposal for you outlining all of the specifics. Once you okay the proposal, you’ll pay a deposit to reserve your start date, and I’ll send you a welcome packet to get the fun times started!

Time to jump into the fun stuff! First, we’ll have another virtual coffee date to go over your answers to the brand workbook and start brainstorming design ideas. Your answers in the workbook will help me know the ins and outs of your brand and help figure out the best ways to position you for success, both in strategy and in your actual brand identity. Next, I’ll start researching your competitors and industry, and begin gathering inspiration from a variety of visual sources!

We’ll kick off the design part of the process with a moodboard that I’ve curated to show you an overall direction and inspiration for our visuals. Then, we’ll go into the concepting and refining phases, where I do a lot of sketching, erasing, and moving things around! Once I polish concepts, we’ll review and refine to get you sittin’ pretty.


Once we’ve perfected your brand/project’s style, I’ll spread it around like digital confetti! We’ll strategically extend your brand’s presence, on everything you need from blog headers to e-commerce shops, business cards and opt-ins. Even things like signature digital products and e-courses can be strategized and designed at this stage. By the time we’re finished, you’ll have a unique and completely tailored-to-you library of images, styles, sites, and more!





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