Does your carpet match the drapes?

I had a really interesting post topic to write about today, but my computer is burning my legs (so much for a LAPtop) and I’m really excited about this purchase. You know my obsession with chevrons… and you also know that I’m pinching pennies. Because of that second fact, I’ve been putting off buying a rug for my living room, even though sounds echo like a mofo in there.

When I found out that Rugsusa was having a sale, well, happy dance time. Annnd then I saw that the chevron rug I’d been drooling over was on sale. YES. I got this baby for $70 (in a 5’x7′ size!!) and even paid via paypal. Well done, RugsUSA. Well done indeed.

chevron rug


And I don’t have drapes (or carpet in the living room) so i guess my cheeky title was all for naught. Whatever, I gots me a rug!

Pinterest Challenge

Last week, Style by Emily Henderson, Making a House a Home, Young House Love, and Bower Power Blog posed a challenge to us Pinterest-obsessed bloggers. Pick something you’ve pinned (a project, namely), and DO IT.


What’s that you say? Project completion? Unheard of around here! Well, I did it. Mostly. I finished the chevron barstools — who now look totally fab– and alllmost finished my second project (you’ll see below, I just barely ran out of supplies).

On to the projects!

linzlovesyou-pinterestSo, what do you think? Swoony or cringe-worthy? I’ve gotta say, I’m in love with the barstools, and those shoes are gonna be kickass once I get some more pushpins! Here are the price breakdowns:

garage sale barstools- $20 (thanks mom and dad!)
acrylic paint- $2
foam brushes and tape- $5
Rustoleum lacquer spray- $5
total- $12 (since i didn’t actually pay for the stools!)

Michael Kors Wedges- $8 from Goodwill (!!)
~250 thumbtacks- $6
total (so far)- $14

{Pinterest Picks}- Living Room Decor

It’s no big secret how totally and completely addicted I am to Pinterest. In fact, I talk about it so much that it’s surprising that I’m not a Klout influencer about it (/nerd talk). One thing that I love using Pinterest for is finding pictures of decor items or rooms for inspiration, and now that I’m finally in the new place, I’ve been pulling from my 1000+ pins (!!) to get my ideas in order. Here’s a sampling of what I’ve been looking at for my kitchen/living room.

I’ve already used the chevron pattern in my barstools, and the marigold in my awesomesauce desk chair (which I really need to get a better picture of).  I’ve got cute towels in that great coraly-retro red (is there a better name for that??) in my kitchen already, have started painting containers black for some desk organization, and am eyeballing that rug from UO to tie all the colors in. Unfortunately, I have vertical blinds — gag– so no chevron curtains are in order, but maybe a pretty marigold valance someday in the very far future. I’ll be trying in neutrals with my white/black desk, white wall file organizer, black (or white) framed print wall, hopefully a charcoal/black slipcover, and quite possibly a dark gray upholstered top to my hope chest like those gorgeous Bouji pieces.

So without further ado… my first big girl moodboard!




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{Drab to Fab}- Barstool Makeover



diy-flag-1 Take ugly bugly barstools that you got for $5 at a garage sale.


diy-flag-2 Tape off a set of chevrons and sand where you want to paint. I used a template I found on the Better Homes and Gardens website.
diy-flag-3 Either start painting (which I did first- see pic 4) or tape off the whole chair, as I did with the second one. Much better idea to tape and sand everything first.
diy-flag-4 Paint away! I used Tulip’s black acrylic paint and a foam brush. I did 3 coats before peeling up all of the tape and I’m really satisfied with the coverage.



I still need to touch up a few spots and then lacquer them but look how pretty they’re getting!



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