News for a New Month

Cut me some slack for that title. I’m writing this at 2am.

Speaking of 2am, the first bit of news I have to share was the result of last night’s 2am why-can’t-I-sleep-normal-people-hours surfing. I managed to stumble upon the 2012 Bloggie Award nomination site (they still call them weblog awards, which makes me giggle every time). Anyways, I figured I’d check it out and see which famous and fabulous bloggers I know got nominated this year.

I definitely wasn’t expecting to see this–

I iz not crazy, I swear. I know LinzLovesYou sure as heck isn’t in any of those pictures.

Know what sites are, though? The first two websites I ever designed for someone else: Band Back Together and Mommy Wants Vodka. (Both sites are brainchildren of the indescribably incredible Aunt Becky, btdubs)

Picking my jaw up off the desk… Hotmothereffingdamn. BB2G is even nominated for best designed weblog (giggle) and is in the same category as THE BLOGGESS. I DESIGNED THAT ISH FROM SCRATCH.

I can’t take credit for the ideas behind the sites, or the writing itself (though I do have a post up on BB2G)… but aah! My design! Even though I wish MWV was nominated for design too– taking Becky’s request for purple (is a flavor), sparkles, vintage medicine ads, apothecary jars, skulls, and full of teh awesome then converting it into a design was no easy feat– it’s so great that both of these sites are being recognized for their content. And really… just to have sites that I designed put into categories with bloggers I love/admire like The Bloggess, How to Be a Dad, and The Pioneer Woman? Wow. Just… wow.

I’m not going to beg for votes. The nomination is amazing, but MWV and BB2G are truly great blogs, providing support and humor in their own ways- so at the very least, you should check them out. I know that Jenny (the Bloggess) has about 60k friends who read her blog and buy metal chickens inspired by her lawn statue, so consider this my singular request to vote and share.

I’ll be over here, trying to recover from the shock. Or maybe it’s the diet coke withdrawal.